"Basia, how do you make your flowers?"

Over the years, I've received numerous questions about my little flowers. Do I purchase them as components? Are they made with silver clay? Or perhaps through lost wax casting? Many are curious about how I form the petals so realistically and give the flowers a 3D shape.

The secret? I fabricate these delicate flowers entirely by hand from sterling silver sheets. And now, I'm thrilled to share this art with you!

In this mini-course, I'll reveal EXACTLY how to create these flowers. But that's not all – I'm also offering you three of my own flower designs, including the very one I use, complete with a lifetime license for your creations! You'll receive a PDF with three flower designs, already scaled to various sizes. All you need to do is print them out, choose a size, attach it to your metal, and start working! And I'll guide you through the entire making process, step by step.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Flower Class!


    2. LIST OF TOOLS - PDF with links

    3. LIST OF MATERIALS - PDF with links

    4. Discount codes to selected suppliers

    1. PROGRESS CHECKLIST - PDF download to track your progress

    2. BLADE SIZE & METAL GAUGE CHART - PDF to download

    3. FLOWER DESIGNS - PDF to download

    4. VIDEO LIBRARY: resources, tools, equipment, tutorials

    1. Flower designs - printable PDF

    2. Flower designs - transferring onto metal

    1. Sawing preparation - saw blades and correct position

    2. The sawing process

    1. Annealing

    2. Stamping

    3. Shaping flowers

    4. Forming petals

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 27 lessons
  • Videos
  • Flower designs, Maker's Notes, checklists & charts
  • Tools & materials lists with LINKS to purchase + promo codes

Class description & details


This class is for anyone who has basic experience with metalsmithing and feels comfortable using the tools from the list (detailed at the end of this page). The techniques included in the class are:

  • sawing
  • soldering
  • filing, sanding and polishing

If you have any questions at all and whether this class is for you, please don't hesitate to contact me, I will be more than happy to assist you.


- Three flower designs for you to use freely in your work! By purchasing this course, you purchase a lifetime license to use these designs, including commercial use (if you wish to sell your jewellery).

- A printable PDF template with three flower designs, each flower comes in six sizes. The flowers in the template are already scaled and ready to be used after printing. Of course, you can use your own flower designs, the provided template is meant to make things easier for you!

- Maker's Notes for each lesson in this class with instructions and check lists.

- High quality videos that will take you through the whole process step by step.

- List of tools and materials with shoppable links.

- My support - I will help you along the way if you have any questions or need assistance.


- Transfer flower designs onto metal sheet,

- Saw the flowers in the most comfortable way (position, technique, movement and additional tips),

- Stamp the flowers to give petals texture,

- Shape the flowers to give them 3D look,

- Make little balls and embellish the flowers,

- Solder flowers and ear posts, creating little earrings as an example jewellery piece,

- Sand, clean and polish the flowers,

- Add patina to darken the metal and emphasize the details.

Learn how to create beautiful silver flowers for your jewelry today!

Hi, my name is Basia!

I will be your instructor

Basia Adamiec

I'm a self taught jewelry designer and metalsmith, currently living in Krakow, a historic city in Southern Poland. I'm a maker behind Stardust Mine - an artisan jewelry line with dreamy, storytelling designs inspired by nature, art and illustrations. As an artisan, I aspire for my work to be crafted through a slow-making process, which refers to a production approach that emphasizes the handcrafted, thoughtful, and deliberate creation of each piece of jewelry. The process involves using traditional techniques and tools, as well as a deep understanding and appreciation of the materials being used. Each piece is unique, with its own individual characteristics and imperfections that reflect the artisan's personal touch. My goal is to share the passion for metalsmithing and jewelry art with you and teach you how to make your own beautiful jewelry!


  • Is a refund possible for this class?

    Unfortunately, refunds aren't available once a purchase is made. This is because you get instant access to all the course materials, including videos, templates, and other resources. So, please review the class details thoroughly to ensure it's the right fit for you before you sign up.

  • Can I sell jewelry I made with the flower designs from this class?

    Yes, you can! When you buy this class, you're also getting a lifetime license to use the flower designs I've shared with you, and that includes for commercial purposes. Go ahead and create as many of these flowers as you'd like for your jewelry projects. Just keep in mind, the flower designs are for your use only since you've purchased the class - please don't resell or pass them on. Reselling them as patterns or designs would infringe on copyright, which means I'd have to step in.

  • How will I know if I have everything I need to complete this class (like tools and materials)? I'm afraid to pay and then not be able to use it.

    Don't worry! You can see the class preview to check the details on what tools you will need, what materials, and what techniques will be covered. This should give you an idea whether this class is suitable for your skill set. This class is recommended for those who have basic experience with jewellery making and metalsmithing, so if you're a complete beginner, this class may not be right at the moment, but a bit later on, when you feel comfortable with basic techniques.

  • Can I share this class with a friend?

    No. It's great to see your enthusiasm to spread the knowledge, but class access is designed for your eyes only. Sharing your login or course materials isn't fair play - it's not ethical, and it shortchanges the effort put into creating this class. We are on the lookout for logins from multiple locations to ensure everything is clean and fair. So, let's stick to the honor system: no sharing logins, no passing around course materials like they're freebies. If we see a login that looks like it's been shared, we'll have to say goodbye, and re-enrollment won't be an option. Thanks for respecting the rules and the hard work that goes into this class!

  • Is there a deadline or do I have to complete this class within a certain timeframe?

    Not at all! After you've purchased the class, it's all yours to explore at your leisure. Feel free to watch the videos as many times as you need, and print the flower templates as often as you like. There's absolutely no rush or deadline, so you can enjoy learning and creating on your own schedule. The class will be available to you for as long as I offer courses online. If the class changes place(site), I will reach out you with the update and access details.

List of tools & materials

This list is meant as a guide so that you know what to expect and what you may need to complete the project in this class. Shoppable list of tools and materials will be included in the class.

Materials: sterling silver sheet, fine silver wire or strip, sterling silver components (like ear posts and scrolls).


  • Workspace: bench or a desk
  • Bench peg,
  • Saw frame,
  • Saw blades,
  • Lubrication for saw blades: bees wax or blade butter,
  • Soldering surface: soldering board and a charcoal brick for example,
  • Torch: butane hand torch will be enough for this project,
  • Solder pick,
  • Brass tweezers,
  • Reverse action tweezers,
  • Solder: ideally a solder paste, but chips will work as well,
  • Liquid flux (if using solder chips),
  • Quenching bowl,
  • Pickling pot: crock pot, a bottle heater or even a plastic or glass jar in which you can dissolve a small amount of pickling solution to use with these little elements,
  • Pickling solution: can be a vinegar with salt or store bought pickle,
  • Hammer for stamping: brass or with one brass side,
  • Stamping block/steel block,
  • Punch with a straight line or a stamp with a letter "I" or "V",
  • Doming block and punches set,
  • Sand bag (optional),
  • Round nose pliers,
  • Flat nose pliers,
  • Needle files: a whole set isn't necessary, one file with a flat side is all that's enough for this project,
  • Ring clamp,
  • Rotary tool/pendant motor, can be with a flex shaft,
  • Rotary tool attachments: radial bristle wheels: yellow, white, red, blue and green,
  • Patina solution,
  • Protective glove,
  • Kitchen towel,
  • A brush - for example watercolor brush,
  • Double sided tape or a glue to attach the design onto a metal sheet.